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B.T.N – The Solar System

This was about the comparisons of the different planets in the Milky-Way.

  • The sun will not explode, it will just disappear
  • The red spot on Jupiter is bigger than Earth
  • Our solar system is divided into 2 categories that are, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars which are terrestrial planets. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are gas giants.


  • Why do all of the bigger planets have more moons?
  • What is the size different dwarf planets?

100 Word Challenge

It reminded me of when I jumped off of a cliff with a hang glider when my cousin dared me to. If you think I jumped off with no reason to, you’re wrong. You see, my cousin gave me 200 dollars after I met him at the bottom of the mountain alive.

Wait, no, canooing across the largest deapths of the Amazon is nothing like that. It’s just a boring activity someone would do in their lunch break. Well. I better go ice skate with emperor penguins, no…  I’ll go ride a tiger. All I can see is boring piranhas. Goodbye.

100 Word challenge – Flame Ice Lime Regularly Clock

It was a flame and now a fire. Your rage from my mistake grew bigger as your icy heart grew colder. It is not a circumstance where you regularly go shopping and you can’t reach the top shelf. Not even when you go to a concert but you left the tickets at home.

My sour feeling inside me like an unripe lime, regretting what I had done. Hearing the clock tick, it made me wonder. If the clock keeps ticking, why can’t I?  Knowing I would not see you again, I jumped. I jumped up and reached out for you.

B.T.N – Cape Town Water Crisis

This B.T.N article was about a serious drought in Cape Town.

All taps in cape town were said to be turned off on June 4th, they called this day zero. All citizens were limited 50 litres a day.

If Cape Town did run out of water, where would they get their water from? If they ran out of water, would they get transported somewhere where there weren’t water issues?

Webinar Reflection

A scam called Ransomware: a title of BAD RABBIT comes up on your screen and threatens to lock your computer if you don’t give $400 to them. They will give you a timer with a specific time for you to pay the money.

Another scam is (in 2017) hackers posted pictures of puppies with cute eyes. This hack was specifically aimed at primary school children. They said that they were for sale, that nobody wanted them and they were very cheap. 7.8% of the people in the world fell for it and the amount that people lost altogether was around 90 million dollars.

Online, some people had been asking their friends for passwords with the reason that they are friends and they can trust each other. And 12% of the kids gave them the passwords. Later on, in the year they hacked their accounts.

Privacy is all about controlling your personal information and who you want to access it.

Scamming messages don’t only come from people who are unknown to you.                                                                                                                                            You can keep yourself safe online by:                                                                                                                                                                                                                   .Not using your actual name                                                                                                                                                                                                                                .Have a strong password                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        .Turn off GPS’s


This article was about 3 natural disasters that happened in Australia.

People were warned to stay inside their homes because a cyclone was believed to hit that day. Up to 70 homes were destroyed in a bushfire in Tathra in NSW.

I understand why they would have closed all schools and businesses the day the cyclone hit.

If a bushfire was happening in Victoria why could people see balls of fire?



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