100 word challenge – Grow, Fall, Shrink

A farmer lived in the country in the middle of Australia. People far and near came to buy his weaved supplies he made from scratch. One day, he thought that he should do something else for a change. Decorations perhaps? He weaved many warrior shaped who knows what and placed them in his front yard.

The next morning, he woke up to find the stick warriors taller than a giraffe. He thought his mind was playing tricks on him so he went on his horse and carriage to trade his furs. When he got back, His house was smashed into pieces and the figues seemed to have shrunk! The farmer just stared in shock.

100 word challenge – down the drainpipe

I came home and tipped my new fish into the tank. My little sister leaped up onto my bed and grabbed my fish. Sh e took it to the toilet and flushed it down. I ran upstairs to feed my fish but it was gone. I asked my sister where it was and she said: “I didn’t mean to, I flushed it down the toilet”. I shreiked and ran outside. Our house is unusual because we have glass pipes. I saw my fish. It came don the drainpipe. There was nothing at all that I could do.

100 word challenge

Ghost whisperers –

the ghost whisperers, they walk at night, they stalk you and give you a fright, they don’t only give, they also take souls, they can change your dreams into nightmares, the mystery is still unsolved.

it’s three am, it’s the haunting hour, when the ghost whisperers are encharge of their power, did i tell you, they live off souls, at the haunting hour.

when you’ve seen a life changing sight, they take your soul in the night, and exchange it for another’s ghost, and transports you to a place with an unwitting host.

do not disturb the ghost whisperers at the haunting hour, or experience a life changing event to a place that is ours.

By Hanna and Winnie



100 word challenge- Move up day

30 years ago, a rumor was spreading about a girl who was dragged into a swamp by a monstrous creature half human. They said she was berried underneath the mud floor and suffocated.

On the 22nd of November, half a pair of denim jeans and rubber boots was discovered in a shallow swamp. It was reported to the police the next day and it was inspected. They pulled the body out of the mud. It was a girl with the same appearance description from the rumor lay hidden underneath the murky swamp floor all that time but they never suspected the rumor was true.

100 word challenge


I was walking past my favourite stationery store when it was closed but when I looked closely, a giant brown sphere crushed the shops roof. Nobody was in there but everyone was just staring.

“Make way people” said a group of workers. Everybody made a clearing in front of the building. They bordered the stationery shop with a certain material. A familiar voice came shouting down the road. It was the shop manager.

“What do you think you’re doing to my store!” he yelled.

“Sir. Could you please calm down it will be removed in a week.”

“Removed?!” he shouted

100 word challenge

In the flash of lightning i saw Minty the turtle that i rescued a few weeks ago from the fishing net leap out of the water as me, my mum, my brother and my dad drove our dirty white car across the tall bridge in to the spirit of Tasmania as it was about to leave the bay. We drove in the dark car park and backed up into the free parking space.

We collected the keys to our room and walked towards the cabin. I climbed up the bunk bed ladder on the left and read my favorite book. ‘A Most Magical Girl’.

100 word challenge

Once there lived a crocodile. She was pale, bright orange with hardly any food to eat. Her name was Milly. She lived in quite a wide flowing river without basicly anyone to talk to.

One day she felt hungrier than ever so she set off to find some food. Within a few palm trees a bird lay hurt on the ground. The crocidile crept over to the injured creature. As it aimed for its head, “BANG!”, a bulet shot right through its legs. The croc turned around. some tough hunters power walked straight towards her. She got scared and ran away.

Now she only lives on berrys an if there is any sign of movement, she swims right to the bottom of the river (unless it’s her best friend Eliza).

100 word challenge

I sat down ready for dinner at my friend’s house and in the middle of the table was something, something steaming madly, something unspeakable, something I would never eat in the next 10 century’s! It was… LASANGA!!!!!!!!!! “No, I won’t I’m allergic, it’s toxic!” I ran outside screaming for my mum… “Taxi taxi!” I shouted. I kicked, I squealed I screamed repeatedly.

I squinted and opened my eyes. “Gosh, what a nightmare!” I raced down to the breakfast table but what was there in my very spot was a colossal plate with a mountain of perfectly baked lasanga! I sat down and took a bite and halalua! I liked it!