100 Word challenge – Flame Ice Lime Regularly Clock

It was a flame and now a fire. Your rage from my mistake grew bigger as your icy heart grew colder. It is not a circumstance where you regularly go shopping and you can’t reach the top shelf. Not even when you go to a concert but you left the tickets at home.

My sour feeling inside me like an unripe lime, regretting what I had done. Hearing the clock tick, it made me wonder. If the clock keeps ticking, why can’t I?  Knowing I would not see you again, I jumped. I jumped up and reached out for you.

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  1. I love this Hanna. What a great picture of burning rage and an icy heart. You used some great techniques here – the rhetorical question about the ticking clock is very powerful and I love the analogies of shopping and the concert. Well done, I enjoyed reading this.

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