Why All Kids Should Play Sport

Have you ever played a sport? If so, you probably noticed  a big difference from before and after you started.

One of these differences would have been personal skills. When I say skills, I don’t mean hitting a ball with a tennis racket. I mean skills like teamwork, perseverance, self-confidence, social skills and much more. These  qualities are very good to use later on in life.


Staying healthy and fit is another huge importance. If you think that ‘Sloth’ is not a true sin, stop right there! According to ‘Healthline’, if you play a sport, it will reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. It also helps with your mind. It can help with stress, anxiety and depression.


Lucky for you, there are many different sports that suits different types of people.

For example: If you are an individual person,, there are quite a few sports that allow you to work on your own such as, swimming, single tennis and athletics. But if you are very social and you travel in a pack, then there are plenty of team sports to choose from. If you like to express yourself a lot, then dance is for you! There are also many different types of dance like, ballet, hip-hop, tap, contemporary and jazz.


That is my opinion on why all kids should play sport.

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