Month: March 2018

100 word challenge

As 6 year old Liam pushed his plate away from him at the dinner table, he stared up at the starry sky as always. While his parents were slouching on their chairs, he snuck into his small bedroom.

Before he switched his lamp off, he peeked out of his window and saw a rocket blasting off into the sky. “Wait…” Liam paused. “How did they get they get up there?” Liam asked himself. He looked out the window until it was 10:00, when his parents woke up.

Liam heard a creek on the wooden floor. He bounced back into bed and pretended to be fully asleep. Liam, still squinting out the window, was thinking about what it would be like in space.

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B.T.N – Senate

This B.T.N article was about how the senate works through the government.

In 2013, the majority of people who voted for the parties is about 46% for Liberal, 44% for Labor, 8% for green and 2% for other less common parties. For bills or issues to pass, they have to vote for it in the “House of Representatives” (where the government has most of the power) and then it gets sent to the Senate to be approved. 

I understand how most people would vote for the bigger parties instead of who they think would represent their ideas.

If they had already voted about the situation in the House of Representatives, why do others have to approve it? Do parties just focus on what their parties represent or do they also focus on other issues?

Blue: Facts

Gold: Understanding

Orange: Questions

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100 word challenge – interviewing a bamboo cutter and his wife

Mr.Filbert: “I was just cutting bamboo shoots for our dinner and I saw a big lump in the middle of the grove. I cut around it and… and…”

Me: “Yes Mr. Filbert?”

Mr.Filbert: “And it was a giant teacup!”

Me: “Um…”

Mr.Filbert: “What?”

Me: “Mrs. Filbert, did you witness this… teacup situation?”

Mrs.Filbert: “No. But he did tell me about it. I never believed him.”

Mr.Filbert: “Hey!!!”

Me: “Look, we can sit here and hear you two argue but I’d rather get on with it.”

Mr.Filbert: “Wait, is this live?”

Me: “yeah?”

Mr.Filbert: “Oh no! Everyone will know I’m lying… um… I mean… thank you for your time! Bye!”