The Day I Found One Million Dollars!


I woke up in my bed and the sun was shining. I went outside and walked to the beach. The sand was soft. The wind blew against my face. There were lots of shells. I walked along the calm beach. The blue ocean crashed along the sandy beach.

I walked a little more and found a hut. I went in. I walked across the floorboards and something court my eye. I bent down and picked it up. A big shell lay in my hand. “Cool” I said my eyes as big as dinner plates.

I ran out of the hut happily. I ran down a shortcut all the way home.

I walked into the kitchen and put the shell down. I cooked some dinner. Rice and chicken. I gobbled it all up. I stared up at the time “12:00” I said. “Bedtime for me”. I got into my cosy and warm, blue bed.

In the morning, I went downstairs and sat down. I went into the kitchen to cook breakfast. Then I looked at the shell and saw something…

I ran over to it, it was money!$$$ (and lots of it). I sat down with it at the breakfast table. I counted it 1,000,000 dollars altogether!



THE END!!!!!

PS: This was drafted, edited and published by-

Anna and Hanna!

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  1. I look forward to finding $1 million on the author’s table at breakfast tomorrow 😁

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