B.T.N – Humans In Space

People have been living in the International Space Station since 2000. The first person to enter space was Russian and it happened in 1961. In 1973, U.S.A set up a space station called the ‘Sky Lab’.

What is a millennia? Is it expensive to fly on a commercial space line? Do people traveling on the space lines fly privately? c

Goals for semester 2

My Learning Goals:

This semester I set a range of different goals for me to achieve over the two terms. One of the reading goals I set is trying to focus on one book at a time rather than reading three or four books at a time. One of the writing goals I set is to write an organized plan befor drafting a story. One of my maths goals I set is to work on my 8 times tables and be able to answer the sums quickly.


How I think I went:

I think I achived most of the goals I set over the time I set it for and I got better as I went along. I found that when I focused on 1 book at a time, I had a clear mind to focus on what was going on in the book. I also found that when I wrote a plan before drafting, I had a better idea of what to write and I didn’t have to wait and think for fifteen mitutes to get an idea of what to write like I always do.


B.T.N – The Solar System

This was about the comparisons of the different planets in the Milky-Way.

  • The sun will not explode, it will just disappear
  • The red spot on Jupiter is bigger than Earth
  • Our solar system is divided into 2 categories that are, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars which are terrestrial planets. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus are gas giants.


  • Why do all of the bigger planets have more moons?
  • What is the size different dwarf planets?

100 Word Challenge – The 11th House (part 2)

Prompt: …I wondered what was behind the door…

He only pulled the door open halfway and we could barely see his face. The man spoke in a frightening voice, “Go Away!” I stepped back cautiously onto the path but tripped and fell back on a big stick. Archie had already sprinted past the gates calling for mum. I couldn’t get up no matter hard I tried. I finally stood up clumsily but I wondered what was behind the door. I took a peer inside the old building and saw nothing but a torch covered in blood. A chill ran down my spine.

I felt something grab my ankle…

100 Word Challenge – The 11th House (part 1)

Prompt: … because I said so…

Trick-or-treating is my favourite part of Halloween and I thought that this would be the best Halloween ever, but I was wrong. Five minutes before going out the door,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mum pulled the zip up for my dead cheerleader costume and Archie pulled his white sheet over himself. Stepping onto that concrete path was a huge mistake. My pumpkin basket in one hand an my old pom-poms in the other, we walked along the street to the 11th house in the neighbourhood.

We rang the old doorbell and screamed ‘trick-or-treat’. After the third ring, he answered.


100 Word Challenge

It reminded me of when I jumped off of a cliff with a hang glider when my cousin dared me to. If you think I jumped off with no reason to, you’re wrong. You see, my cousin gave me 200 dollars after I met him at the bottom of the mountain alive.

Wait, no, canooing across the largest deapths of the Amazon is nothing like that. It’s just a boring activity someone would do in their lunch break. Well. I better go ice skate with emperor penguins, no…  I’ll go ride a tiger. All I can see is boring piranhas. Goodbye.

100 Word Challenge – … but what colour should it be? …

Zoe stared up at the ceiling, wondering, what colour should it be? She was a designer and this week she had to choose the colour of the Statue of Liberty. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.                                                                                                                                                                                                        “Come in” she called out. Bill the postman handed her a letter.                                                                                                                                                                    “It’s from your mother” Bill informed her. “Oh” she sighed As he turned and walked towards the door, Zoe stopped him.                                                          “wait! Come and sit down.” Bill did what she said and asked why she needed him. “I need your help for deciding the colour of the statue of liberty.”


The most I have done is toast bread. Even then I was afraid of getting an electric shock. Knowing I was going to be cooking dinner for my family, I was  petrified.

My mum came back from the supermarket with all of the ingredients and spread them across the bench. I looked nervously at my recipe. sour cream, some sort of pink fruit, avocado, tomato, too much to read! My brain melted into a river and then turned into a whirlpool of confusion. Nothing made sense.

100 Word challenge – Flame Ice Lime Regularly Clock

It was a flame and now a fire. Your rage from my mistake grew bigger as your icy heart grew colder. It is not a circumstance where you regularly go shopping and you can’t reach the top shelf. Not even when you go to a concert but you left the tickets at home.

My sour feeling inside me like an unripe lime, regretting what I had done. Hearing the clock tick, it made me wonder. If the clock keeps ticking, why can’t I?  Knowing I would not see you again, I jumped. I jumped up and reached out for you.

B.T.N – Don’t Panic

This B.T.N article was about two families who got tested to see how the would deal with a natural disaster.

They tested one of the families in a bush fire and the other family in a cyclone. To prepare for a bush fire or any other natural disaster you have to fill your bath with water so if there is a fire you can use the water from the bath.

If going on the roof of your house in a bush fire is dangerous, why do people do it on television-(News)? What was the biggest bush fire in Australia?